Centro Las Claras was established by Voces Vitales Panama.

Every day teen mothers are victims of violations against their basic human rights. The Las Claras project seeks to provide teen mothers with the adequate tools for them to re-enter society in a productive way, so that being a teen mothers is not a barrier to their personal and professional development.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

More than 20% of all living births in Panama are from a teen mother. More than 75% of teen mothers drop-out school. In these circumstances, teen mothers and their children are destined to perpetuate cycles of poverty, violence and sickness, taking a tool in the social and economic development of underserved communities in Panama.

How will this project solve this problem?

At Vital Voices Panama, we created an integral program that allows teen mothers to recover, and achieve their life projects, securing a better quality of life for their families. The “Las Claras” project provides teen mothers psychological support, education, integral health services, vocational training and top quality day care services, empowering and motivating young mothers to be productive agents in our society, socially and economically.

Potential Long Term Impact

Vital Voices Panama will create new life conditions for teen mothers that will allow them to develop their full capacities, breaking the cycle of poverty that halts their development and that of their communities. We will not only secure better life conditions for the mother, but in the long run, the impact of these life changes and opportunities will be observed in their children that will grow in prosperous, healthy, and supportive environments, leading to a complete social transformation.

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